The Four Horsemen, Part Four – The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse is actually green. The original Greek for pale in Revelation 6:8 is chloros (χλωρος) and it literally just means green – as in chlorophyll green. So, it’s a green horse, not pale. But, everyone knows about the Pale Horse, so we’ll keep it pale in the title. But, whatever color you call it…

…it’s really, really bad.

Death rides that horse through a quarter of the world, killing with violence, hunger, disease and wild animals. The question is…

What quarter of the world will this be?

And what will it be like for the rest of us?

Let’s dig into that.


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The Four Horsemen, Part Four

The Pale Horse

Here’s the passage that concerns us:

7 When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.” 8 So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

 – Revelation 6:7-8 (NKJV)

So, Death rides a green horse and kills with sword, hunger, death and ‘beasts of the earth’. And, he rides through a quarter of the earth.

Does he kill a quarter of everyone on earth?


He has authority over a quarter of the earth to fulfill his assigned task. But, it doesn’t say that he kills everyone in that one quarter of the earth. But, the number of people who die might be equal or surpass a quarter of the world’s population. Depending on what quarter of the earth he is given to ride, it is easy to see two billion people dying in the worst way possible.

Africa is extremely vulnerable, and it represents 20% of Earth’s land mass. And, that continent is deeply dependent upon food imports. And, much of Asia is also very food insecure. But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Do you remember what we talked about last time?

Right. The Black Horse.

That horse is scarcity. It represents having to work a whole day to get enough food to eat. It means that everything will be very, very expensive. That is an extremely fragile state for the world to be in, and you could imagine what would happen if things got worse than that.

It would be Death.

Energy Is Life

Remember that without fossil fuels – specifically natural gas and oil – we cannot make enough fertilizer to grow our crops or provide enough fuel for tractors to plant and harvest enough food to feed our current population. It’s just not possible. In fact, our planet cannot support more than three billion people using the farming techniques that we used before the discovery of the Haber Process. The ability to create nitrogen fertilizer and the invention of the farm tractor, makes it possible to feed eight billion people. If our access to energy collapses, billions will die.

The problem is that our sources of energy are not limitless. And with more and more people demanding a larger and larger share of the energy that we produce… eventually, we’ll run out of road and go over the cliff. And no, I haven’t joined the climate morons or the save-the-wales luddites. We’re talking real science and real engineering.

Any competent petroleum geologist will tell you that we’ll run out of oil and natural gas at some point in the future. When you ask them when that will happen you’ll get fuzzy answers. Ask them when we hit the peak in energy production, and they’ll change the subject.

The good news is that we were wrong about when we would hit peak oil.

The bad news is that we weren’t all that wrong.

The only reason why we survived the oilpocalypse of 2005 and 2006, is that we threw massive amounts of money at hydraulic fracturing and hydraulic fracturing research. That titanic effort saved our bacon, but we can’t be sure how much extra time that bought us. Fracked wells die pretty quickly, and we have to keep drilling and drilling and drilling to keep up oil production. And Joe Biden wants to stop that.

Enter The Insane

How can the Biden administration be so completely insane?

Because climate hysteria helped get him elected.

Joe Biden and every politician like him will do their very best stamp out oil and gas production in the US as quickly as possible. They have already denied leasing permits and stopped the building of key infrastructure like the Keystone pipeline from Canada. That’s utterly insane, but at least America isn’t Germany.

Why Germany?

Well, they decided that destroying their economy was a good idea.

Germany created a massive industrial juggernaut fueled by natural gas and oil from Russia. They also shut down their nuclear reactors and were about to close their last three, when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Germany’s response?

Lignite coal. The dirty kind.

Burning dirty coal will keep some of their industry going, but not enough. We are already hearing reports of German manufacturing heading out of Germany as quickly as possible. Their economy will never recover from this, and it is all due to very, very foolish government policies. The economic center of the EU will now shift to France, who did not shut down all their nuclear power plants, even though they have been badly maintained.

Such insanity is part of the reason why it’s going to be hard to predict the end of our ability to produce energy. Crazy runs Europe and North America, and it might destroy us long before we dive into the energy abyss.

Anti-Nuclear Madness

However, if we could build enough nuclear power plants, and build them fast enough, (like China is doing), we might see a delay in the ride of the Four Horsemen. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but the access to energy was the reason for World War I and II, two invasions of Iraq, the current war in Ukraine and the civil wars in Ethiopia and Syria. And while there are other elements to those wars, the central point was – and shall always be – energy. And, as our access to fossil fuels gets harder and harder, it would be logical to switch over to nuclear power. But, we are so insanely fearful of nuclear energy, that many would rather our civilization die, than build nuclear power plants.

If you think that I’m wrong, consider Germany’s hysterical rejection of nuclear power. The Green Party (Die Grünen) currently runs the German government, and they are fanatically anti-nuclear. Fission reactors are Darth Vader to them, and they would rather burn really dirty coal and destroy Germany’s economy rather than go to ‘The Dark Side’. Even though Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced them to stop importing oil and natural gas, these mad Germans are still intent on destroying nuclear power, the only viable alternative.

Unfortunately, Germany isn’t the only victim of anti-nuclear hysteria. Here in Taiwan, we are completely dependent upon fossil fuels and have only three nuclear power plants running, with a fourth snared in so much red tape that it will never be completed.



The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami caused the Fukushima nuclear power station to blow its top. There was only one cancer death from that nuclear incident, but everyone still became instantly terrified of nuclear power. Japan went as far as to close power stations across the country. And, this meant that they had to get their power from coal, oil and natural gas, increasing the speed with which those limited resources were being drained.

Nuclear is making something of a comeback, but it will be years before we will ever have enough those power plants to make up for what we are losing. So, even though I see declining energy resources driving us toward the ride of the Four Horsemen, madness will probably be an even bigger reason for their ride. We have insane governments beholden to hysterical anti-nuclear activists, and this will not end well.

For years, I thought that our civilization would end when the oil wells ran dry. But now, I’m not so sure. It seems that our own insanity will do that for us. But, I’ve taken you off the track, so let’s get back to talking about the ride of Death on his green horse.

Back To Death

Again, remember that western technologies like the Haber Process and advanced ship building have allowed the Third World to import fertilizer and food at extremely cheap prices. In fact, food from the West was so cheap that many farmers couldn’t compete, giving up their farms and moving to Delhi, Sao Paulo, Cairo, Mumbai, Dhaka, Karachi, Chongging, Lagos and Kinshasa, turning them into some of the largest cities on earth.

What happens when the cost of natural gas gets so high that manufacturers must increase fertilizer prices or go out of business?

What happens when farmers in the West produce less food, because nitrogen, phosphates and herbicides got too expensive?

Will the the Wealthy West starve?


You and I will have enough to eat. The Third World will not. This means that Africa and southern Asia will starve. The rich never starve. That’s a job for peasants, and lots of them will die terribly from hunger. But, hunger isn’t the only way that people will be killed when Death rides through. We still have violence, animals and disease to look at.

Why Disease?

There’s a huge reason why disease is included here. When people starve, they become vulnerable to starvation-related diseases. But, Revelation 6:8 doesn’t say disease or plague. It says ‘death’ – in the original Greek, thanato (θανάτῳ). And, ‘thanato’ is not disease, even though it is the right interpretation.

Why should we interpret the word ‘death’ as ‘plague’ or ‘disease’?

Look at how the rider of the Green Horse kills:

  • sword
  • hunger
  • beasts of the earth
  • death

If the other means of death are physical in verse eight, then the ‘death’ referred to will be physical, too. And, this is precisely why the ESV, NASB, NIV, NLT, and RSV translate ‘thanato’ into disease and pestilence.

However, it was wrong for them to do that – especially with the ESV, which proclaims itself to be a scholarly translation. Translators should not change words in the Bible like this – especially, the Book of Revelation.

TRANSLATION NOTE: The ESV has a specially egregious history of twisting the Bible. What they did to Genesis 3:16 is so awful that it must have been a deliberate act of corruption. No Hebrew scholar would translate אל (pronounced: ‘ehl’) as ‘contrary to’. Yet, they did it anyway, and have refused to change it. Do not read a Bible translation that has been deliberately corrupted this badly.

The alternative assumption is that their scholarship is so bad, they cannot be trusted to translate the most basic elements of Hebrew.

Feel free to consider them either corrupt or pathetic. There’s no third alternative, and it ultimately doesn’t matter which it is. Dump your ESV and read a better translation like the NKJV or even the KJV.

But, back to ‘disease’. I said earlier that ‘become vulnerable to starvation-related diseases’, here’s why:

Our immune systems shut down.

When we don’t have enough to eat, our bodies consume fat reserves and muscle protein before shutting down other systems in the body. Fertility, lactation, blood-sugar levels, and mental processes all start shutting down when you starve. Eventually, when there’s nothing less important shut off, our bodies choose the immune system next. This is where starvation-induced disease starts to sweep malnourished areas of the world. And since starving people won’t have the ability to maintain good sanitation, horrible pandemics will sweep the Third World.

Violence And Animals

To make things worse, those with guns will take what food is left from those who cannot defend themselves. And, as famine weakens social structures and depopulates large areas of land, wild animals will move in, searching for food.

We already saw what wild animals did in cities around the world that were locked down during the most recent pandemic. Because people no longer walked the streets, animals expanded their territory. Most news organizations wrote glowing reports of how wonderful it was to see wild animals in the cities:

Coronavirus: Wild animals enjoy freedom of a quieter world – BBC

Wild animals are reclaiming cities and streets during coronavirus lockdown- NyPost

Photos show wildlife roaming freely as humans are on coronavirus lockdown, from ‘bear parties’ in Yosemite to lion naps on South Africa’s streets

However, as adorable as these articles sound, this was not a good sign of things to come. When lions, tigers and bears lose their fear of humanity and start looking at us as just another source of nutrition, many will die.


Again, what were the key points of Seal Four?

“…And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.” (Revelation 6:8)

The ride of Scarcity (the Black Horse) will set the stage for Death and Hell to sweep through a quarter of the world. Those already living at the edge of starvation, will have no choice but to die by violence, hunger, disease or wild animals. The survivors will often be those willing to kill the weak to get what they need.

A lack of energy will be a core reason, but the madness of our own governments and institutions will play a big role. We chose badly when we allowed churches, schools and entertainment to create a society that would elect such awful leadership. But, even that ignores the biggest problem of all.


We built our civilization upon a foundation of fornication, avarice and greed. We banned God from our schools, our laws and our lives and forgot the eternal price for that. And to make things even worse, when Death rides his green horse, and we will force the weakest to suffer and die.

The rich always have enough to eat…

…and will take food from the poor when they feel a little hunger.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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22 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen, Part Four – The Pale Horse”

  1. Hey John. Me again from earlier. (Current American time: 4:26 PM CST)

    I was just wondering what your thoughts were on Ron Paul because that guy, when he ran for president, seemed to have the best foreign policy ideas out of everyone, as he did want to stop the illegal War on Terror and so forth. However, when it came to Israel, he simply said something along the lines of we should cut off all American contact with Israel, as Israel is perfectly capable of defending itself. I saw where one of the websites you used to use in older articles, ZeroHedge, had Ron Paul featured as a guest contributor for an article or something like that. He runs the Liberty Report, which is probably typical libertarian news. Unfortunately, Ron Paul was supported by wicked anti-semite Chuck Baldwin, who frequently cites Paul’s website whenever Baldy makes reports (trust me, I know, because I used to read the garbage off of Baldwin’s website back in July until I discovered your website).

    Today was my last day of the first semester of my last year of high school. I am a Senior this year, and I will be turning 18 on December 20th. It’s been quite the spiritual road this year, and I’m finally glad that I could talk to you in the comment section about the things that I’ve been doing. I have quite a hard family to deal with, and I keep praying they repent of the actions they’ve done every night. I worry about them daily, because I love and fear God so much that whatever He does must be done. I keep trying, even to the point where yesterday, December 13th here in America, after school I said that I forgave her for lying about Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy from when I was a child (yeah, my parents are quite the Americans, ain’t they?). My mother was permissive to me about it. I wasn’t surprised.

    Anyway, the IMDB fellow I mentioned, whose YouTube channel is called “What Is Your Worldview? – Creationism or Evolutionism?”, is actually from Japan, but he’s big on American culture, so if you go to his IMDB page, which is called “eragonbookfan”, you’ll read quite a bit in his lists about the type of guy he is.

    Lastly, have you ever heard of Dr. Kent Hovind? eragonbookfan’s a big fan of his, and apparently Kent’s like this creation teacher or something like that. I know how bad all seminaries are from what you’ve been saying (which is why I don’t want to go to college), and Hovind being cited – alongside Ken Ham – just fascinated me somewhat. I pray that you and your wife are doing well in Taiwan. God Bless you and God Bless Israel.

    Yours in Christ, Charles 🙂

      • To be exact about what my Mom said, she said, “It’s childhood!” It was like a tone of “WHY SHOULD YOU JUDGE ME?!! Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah…” (I love her dearly, though, no matter what.)

        Now, I do have occasional flashes of the blessings of my childhood, like old movies I used to see that I liked, but I must put Christ at the center of my life in everything, and it’s pretty hard to keep thinking about the past when I must think about today, and the future.

        Lord have mercy on us. It’s going to be quite the battle, but I know that I will endure in Him Who guides me to the end.

    • Hi Charles,

      Wow. I remember being 18. I was ready rush forward and grab life with both hands. I was going to DO THINGS.

      Now that I am close to your grandfather’s age, the world has changed. I now look at things in the rear-view mirror, and begin to see the end of my road in front of me.

      I’ve lived an exciting life in exciting places, but the price was so very high. People get starry-eyed when I tell my stories, but they don’t see the cost behind what I’ve experienced. I didn’t quite realize the cost myself until I was well down the road that I traveled.

      Would I have done it over again? Since it was God’s Will, definitely. But, maybe I would have done it better. Maybe I would have been more forgiving, more understanding, more humble. But, God was good and gave me what I lacked.

      Always place God first and remember that almost everyone lies to themselves, before they lie to you. You mention Chuck Baldwin. He started down that path by first deceiving himself and then selling his deception to us. Never allow a lie to rule your life. But, the truth hurts, and you won’t make many friends by being honest. But, the friends that you do make, will be the very best kind.

      God bless you, Charles. You write well and love God. Stay that course.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little
      Revelation Six

          • Do you follow the Fourth Commandment and rest on the Sabbath? Since the Catholics are responsible for turning Christ worship into Sunday instead of Saturday (which is the seventh day, obviously), we have all been brainwashed into thinking that way. The Sabbath starts at 6:00 Friday evening, and ends at 6:00 Saturday evening. What a time of rest it should all be for us to worship God and lay aside all the work we did the other six days. God SANCTIFIED (made holy) the seventh day as the Day of Rest, which He told us all to follow in the Fourth Commandment. You know what Jesus said about the Law and the Prophets.
            Now, I admit, I didn’t have proper time to prepare for this, but I will be doing the best I can to get the rest of my family on the call (my mother’s too busy watching a movie out in the living room, which should no longer be the case, but that’s my family for you).
            It’s gonna be extremely hard for me to do, and they will reject the truth undoubtedly. I did, but I repented (no boasting), and now (especially right now) I must get to the 24-hour purpose of observing the Sabbath. It didn’t go away; we all still must follow it. Unfortunately, we have neglected throughout history because of some apparent 2nd-century fellow who turned Sabbath worship into Sunday worship. Shame on us all. I wish I could turn back the clock and get us all together every Friday evening to Saturday afternoon to do right for the LORD.
            You see, the church we go to every Sunday (which is a Lutheran church 🙁 ), is a prime example of that.
            Oh, how I wish that we could have all obeyed the LORD and gave up working to get along with each other and worship Him with music, Scripture readings, prayer and meditation, and et cetera on Saturday, the Sabbath Day.
            I cry because of this. I cry because of this Catholic-style neglect. All I can do is obey the LORD and try, every moment, every opportunity, with all my being.
            I hope you realize this, Brother Little. This has been hard-pressed on me since Sunday. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m ashamed of my family. I’m ashamed of the church I go to (with people that I don’t even hang out other than on that morning service).

          • Charles, I just realized that I’m not paying enough attention to comments and didn’t see yours until now. And, since I’m rushing off to get something else done so that I can get to bed at a decent hour, I will need to set aside some time to answer properly tomorrow. Sorry about that. – JL

  2. Also, are we, as Christians, allowed to eat pork? That was one of the unclean things that God declared people should not eat (I don’t think He meant just the Jews), and I’m unsure of that was a ritualistic law or not. Ceremonial and ritualistic laws have been done away with, right? I keep getting convoluted answers from others about this. I’ve eaten SO much pig throughout my life, including recently this week with pizza on my birthday, that I don’t know whether to repent of that or not, and whether I need to call my family upon this or not, especially my brother, who LOVES pepperoni.
    I know that Paul talks about not tearing down others who eat meat and stuff, but what am I supposed to do?
    I would love your intake, Brother Little. I’m very, very, very scared.

    • Sorry for seeming beggy; it’s just that I want to obey God through Christ to the greatest of my ability. Jesus – the Creator of us all – did say that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and I believe it all with all my being. I just wanna know about the 613 laws situation, all fulfilled through Christ – THE LAST SACRIFICE – because of what you wrote about in your article about The Rapture Verdict by Michael Snyder six years ago.

      I will be patient for your reply.
      Yours in Christ, Charles D. Selix 🙂

  3. By the way, Happy Christmas.
    I did the best I could this year, repenting of all my sins along the way – through the One Who made it all possible. I shall continue, by God’s guidance, to spread the Gospel the best I can.
    I thank God that brethren like you have helped me this latter part of 2022, and may the King continue to guide us through temptations and struggles in these dear end times.
    I love you, dear Brother, and more than that, God loves you.
    I hope we can have good convos and exhort one another throughout the coming days until the end.
    Yours in Christ, Charles D. Selix

    • Blessings to you to dear brother happy to read youngsters are still looking to follow the Lord and be obedient and truthfull

      Sister Nadine

  4. Hey brotherJohn

    Your book “When Gog comes” is so good i enjoy it so much what a revelations you had Praise the Lord !!
    Thank you for your prayers.they work very well especially in financial way for now thank you but also spiritual i will begin the biggest spiritual challenge of my life God willing
    unfortunately i cannot reveal at the moment maybe later but i pray it will work out as the Lord wants i will put everything in the Lords hands not really my choice actually( i was quite comfortable in a way not counting the severe persecutions) literally putting everything in Gods hand and begin to see His leading again wow but these are special times and without these i wouldnt even dare thinking this way
    i stopped the grumbling finally !!!
    I thank you for your prayers and wish all the blessings you and your wife need at this moment and for 2023 the clear leading of the Lord
    I was glad a warned you about the injection not to take we see now the results unfortunately

    Love from Sister Nadine

      • Out of kindness, will you please respond to my comments? Take all the time you need, for I have a great worry in my heart that I might be following God wrong – prayers and all.
        After a nice vacation to my grandparents in Iowa this week, all I wanna do is rest in God.
        May not be easy, but God will guide the way.

        • Hi Charles Selix,

          When I built this website, I chose to allow comments to arrive unmoderated. However, that also allowed me to lose track of the comments coming in. I will need to work on that.

          Now, to your question.

          There were 613 Laws given to Moses (aka, Torah). There are two main divisions within Torah – moral law and ceremonial law. I think that we understand the meaning of ‘moral’, so we don’t really need to talk about what that means. Unfortunately, a lot of people trip over what ceremonial means.

          ‘Ceremonial Law’ is any physical activity that you are required to engage in, or not engage in. Circumcision is a ceremony. Sacrificing in the temple is ceremonial. Putting fringes on your garments is ceremonial. Dietary laws are ceremonial. The same goes for observing Shabbat (aka, Sabbath).

          The ONLY ceremonies that Jesus requires of us is congregating together, baptism and the Lord’s Supper. That’s it. There is literally no other sacrament.

          The rest is moral law – faith in Christ, loving God, being honest, not stealing, not committing adultery or fornication, not murdering people, loving your neighbor, etc.

          So, allow me to lay your concerns to rest – eat as much pork as you want. Don’t worry about needing to observe Shabbat. As Paul said in Galatians, if you follow one of the laws of Torah, you must follow all of them – and we can’t. Nor are we required to.

          I spent a lot of time around those who tried their very best to follow the Law. They failed miserably, and are in rebellion to God.

          I hope that helps, Charles. Again, I’m sorry that I took so long to answer your comment. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little
          Revelation Six

          • Hey John,
            It’s a-okay. I was just wondering, from your point of view at least, what the Sabbath Day meant to you. Many say ’tis neither Saturday nor Sunday (obviously, because, you know, pagans), and then there are others.
            Because Revelation says only those who keep the Commandments will be in the kingdom forever, and that would, of course, include the Fourth Commandment.
            The 10 Commandments through Christ are obvious, but I know that the Torah law, which was fulfilled through the LAST SACRIFICE, is not required for Christians. The only things we can’t do in Christ are eat foods given to idols, shed blood, eat strangled things, and be sexually immoral.
            I struggled to stop —- for eight years, and it wasn’t due to straight-up —– – that I did the best to stay off of, because I was horrified of those evil things people do – it was just because —- suddenly hit me when I was nine, and I tried kicking the habit a few times this year before finally repenting at eighteen. Oh, how I hated it!
            I’m also praying to get baptized real soon, because the “baptism” I got was, well, ya know.
            Anyways, thanks for responding. I knew you were probably doing other stuff and I was just waiting until you could respond. Thank you.
            Yours in Christ, Charles 🙂
            I had a piece of hamloaf on December 25th.

            EDIT NOTE:
            From time to time, for your protection, I will edit out certain words – especially if you use your full name in a comment. If you use an alias (which is okay) or your initials, that might protect you from abuse by others. Always be careful about what you say in public.
            – JL

          • Oh dear. hamloaf. I haven’t had that in… well …a long time. May the Lord God of heaven and earth direct you, Charles! – JL

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