Preterism – An Antichrist Heresy

Bad Eschatology – Part 7

Now that we have been through the Book of Revelation, it’s time to get back to Bad Eschatology. And since we barely scratched the surface of Preterism, now would be a good time to dig deeper into what Preterists believe.

I’m horrified by what I’ve found and keep finding.

Why would anyone choose to have their name erased from the Book of Life?

Unfortunately, there are far too many who have, and it’s a deeply perplexing thing to watch. And, I’m not sure that I want to understand all the reasons why people have done this.

But, let’s dig in anyway…


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Preterism – An Antichrist Heresy

Bad Eschatology, Part 7

Almost 30 years ago, I began writing about Israel and geopolitics. It was an attempt to push back against the growing hatred of the Jews among Christians. I was living in Jerusalem, watching desperate attempt after desperate attempt to survive the constant war waged against Israel, while seeing Christians take the side of the those who sought the death of all the Jews.

Why would Christians do this?

It’s simple really. They bought into a Roman Catholic lie. Of course, the RCC has been spewing out lie after lie after lie for centuries. So, there are a lot of lies to choose from.

So, WHICH lie?

Well, if you look back at Part 6 of this series, you will be introduced to Jesuit Priest Luis del Alcázar, who published the book that launched the Preterist movement. This one:

Vestigatio Arcani Sensus in Apocalypsi

(Tracing the Arcane Sense in the Apocalypse)

That book was published in 1614, and it provided the foundation upon which the Roman Catholic Church would seek to deflect negative attention from themselves to the Jews.

That’s right. Under Preterism, it’s not the Roman Catholic Church who is the Great Whore and Mystery Babylon the Great. It’s Jerusalem and the Jews.

Under Preterism, the Harlot that rides the Beast is the Jewish people.

God help us, what a horrendous lie. In fact, it’s so vile that I have trouble even talking about it. And, this lie is gaining popularity because it gives people who want to hate the Jews, permission to do so. It gave them permission to claim faith in Christ while promoting every possible lie about the Jewish people.

Preterism is the ultimate ‘christian friendly’, neo-Nazi ideology.

Unfortunately, as you dig into Preterism, you’ll find more than a few similarities between that group of thugs and Preterists. Take Chuck Baldwin as an example. He claims the right to kill for political reasons. He is a heretic and a liar, and will spend an eternity in torment, unless he repents of his wicked ways and turns back to God.

Unfortunately, Baldwin will not repent because Preterism has corrupted every part of the Bible, making the truth impossible to see for people who have bought into that awful theology.

So, let’s dig into the astonishing heresies espoused by Preterists.

Christ Returned in AD 70?

With no evidence whatsoever, Preterists claim that Jesus ‘returned in the clouds’ at the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

What a shocking an abhorrent claim.

How is it possible that anyone should say such an evil antichrist thing?

But, that’s just it. They are antichrist.

Oh, and notice something important. NONE of the Church Fathers mentioned Christ’s Second Coming as having happened in AD 70. That’s right. None.

None of the Church Fathers were Preterists. Not a single one. But, that hasn’t stopped the Preterists from making outrageous claims against God.

No Resurrection And No Judgment Or Reward?

Partial Preterists will try to claim that there will be a Resurrection. But full Preterists not only deny the Resurrection, but they also deny a New Heaven and a New Earth. They deny that there will be a resurrection, and they deny that there will be a judgment or reward.

They literally believe that sin will continue indefinitely.

Many of the Partial Preterists refine this view and say that we Christians must conquer the Earth so that we can hand a Christian planet to God. It’s as if they thought that Hitler had the right idea, but just didn’t do it right. And, when the Antichrist truly does arrive, you know who will stand in line waiting for him to bless them.

The Book of Revelation Was Written In AD 65?

Another lie from the pits of Hell, that smells like smoke. There is literally no proof that Revelation was written during the time of Nero. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Nero’s rage against Christians who refused to worship him as a god was mostly limited to Rome and surrounding areas. Furthermore, Nero didn’t banish Christians to Greek Islands. He just killed them.

On the other hand, Domitian did banish Christians – while confiscating all their possessions. And, John the Apostle is recorded as having been on the Island of Patmos until the assassination of Domitian on September 18, AD 96.

Furthermore, all early church writers who mentioned John and the Book of Revelation, all confirm that Revelation was written during the latter years of Domitian’s reign.

You can’t find ANYONE who is supporting Preterism until the Jesuit Luis Alcazar wrote his book, proclaiming it.

Nero Was The Antichrist?




I want to say that they were just kidding, but they aren’t. They think that Nero was the Antichrist – even though there is nothing that he did that warrants that foolish assumption.

First of all he committed suicide in AD 68, before the destruction of Jerusalem. And, there’s no record that he was ever in the area of Israel at any time during his reign. Yes, he sent Vespasian to put down the Jewish revolt in AD 66, but that is not the same as what the Bible describes the Antichrist as doing.

Then, there’s that attempt to make Nero’s name conform to 666. It doesn’t. They only way that they can come close to making it work is by using a variation of Nero’s name in Latin and substituting Hebrew characters – which still doesn’t work.

Did you know that pretty much every president of the United States had someone claiming that their name computed to 666?

Yeah. Even Kissinger got the 666 treatment. People really need to stop being so gullible and half-baked.

The Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets And Seven Bowls?

Right. They just wave their hand at that and claim they happened somewhere, somehow. This is worse than the Mormons claiming that the American Indians are Israelis that migrated to North America a long time ago.

If you read my Laying Out Revelation Series that I completed last week, you’ll know that it’s not possible that the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls were completed during the time of Nero. Or at any other time in the past 2000 years.

This alone proves that Preterism is a complete clown show.

The Millennium Was Just 40 Years Long?

Preterists claim that the Millennium began with the Resurrection of Jesus and ended at AD 70. And, I had no idea that Preterism could be this stupid.

A 40 year long Millennium?

What were they thinking?

The problem is that they aren’t – at least, not in any spiritual sense.

Preterism Is Growing

Unfortunately, the utter insanity of Preterism is growing. There have been forms of it infecting every Protestant denomination since the Reformation. After all, the harlot daughters of Rome would always be vulnerable to some form of Preterist eschatology.

Here in Taiwan, a few years ago, a woman brought her mother in to the Sunday school class that I was teaching. The daughter knew about the warning in Revelation 22:19 and was worried that her mother was in danger of that curse. And sure enough, she was.

The poor mother had been converted to the worst form of Preterism by Max King, who thankfully died this year. He took Preterism and made it even worse, launching two new terms:


Covenant Eschatology

I will leave it to you to plumb the depths of King’s heresy, but it’s really, really bad. He took a lie from the pits of Hell (The Roman Catholic Church) and made it even more antichrist than it already was.

Further Reading

I could go on, but I’ll stop here. But, you might not want to, so here is some extra reading – if you can stomach it:


A Critique of Preterism

The Trouble with Preterism




Max King (theologian)

A Good Video

And, if you’d like a good video, here’s one:

Preterism Debunked

The above video is from a Pretrib/Dispensationalist perspective, but still an excellent resource.

(Note: You might need to turn the sound up.)

Leaving Itching Ears Community Church

It’s time to stop lapping up the lies. Preterism is a vile and insane eschatology that is a perfect example of our love for lies, instead of the truth. As Paul said to Timothy:

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

 – 2 Timothy 4:3-4 (NKJV)

Stop believing fables. Just stop. This goes for all the bad eschatology that we like, but especially for Preterism.


I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.Proverbs 22:3


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14 thoughts on “Preterism – An Antichrist Heresy”

  1. Hi brother.
    Just got out of graduation, and we’re off to supper. Met some nice folks, including a guy who met me after noticing I was a Christian (I gave him your website address). Many, many faces I knew.
    Glory be to God! I did it.
    Now, without going too fast or going too slow, may God guide me to baptism and what He’s got in store for me.
    And thank you especially, brother John, for helping me through this year. Thanks be to God.
    God be with you all in Taiwan, and with “Tobias”, too.

    Your loving brother in Christ,
    Charles “Chuck” Selix 🙂

          • Well, at the moment, getting baptized first and foremost. I also need to study for the driver’s pre-test so I can start taking driving lessons. I probably won’t start job-hunting until August (God willing) because my mother is a pre-school teacher, and she’s going to work on half-days all through June. In addition to that, my brother is starting Freshman year in high school, and he decided to take an online course for Health class in June to get that credit out of the way (I just took it in school). We’ll go see our paternal grandparents in July (God willing) since that’s our only “free” month for this summer.
            God will show the way throughout all this of course.
            Thanks for asking, John.

          • For the record, if you remember me telling you about how a cousin of mine had a church she worked at in her hometown, I stated back in February that that’s where I wanted to get baptized, and I plan to go there the Sunday after this coming Sunday. The reason for that is because my brother is getting “confirmed” at our own church.
            God give me strength.

  2. Revelation is all about the spiritual war between the truth of Jesus (the lamb) and the Satanic forces that oppose Him. Does the book of Revelation point to future events, nearly 2000 years after the visions were first revealed? Or are we looking through the telescope the wrong way? Using the traditional continuous-historic approach to prophecy we can understand that bible prophecy is fulfilled steadily, as it gradually unfolds. This is the approach that the Church Fathers used and understood up until the 19th century when partial-preterism and futurism came into vogue. Incredibly, preterists and futurists are 100% in opposition, (regarding their interpretations following chapter three of the book of Revelation), because a gulf of 2000 years separates the two eschatological approaches. Preterists believe the book of Revelation was fulfilled in the first century, while futurists believe that Revelation will not be fulfilled until some 3 ½ to 7-year period in the future. Preterism and futurism obscure present-day reality, with the preterist’s expectation that the kingdoms of this world will be made holy by fallen man, while futurists wait for a “revived Roman Empire” even as we witness Europe continue to fall to Islam.

    Here are a few recent headlines: “Main Threat to Europe is Resurgence in Islamic Terror”,
    “I am Following the Orders of Allah, Killing non-Muslims is the Highest Form of Prayer, Says Jihadist who murdered 8”,
    “The Perils of Questioning Islam”,
    “Erdogan’s Daughter Takes Aim at Christianity: the Crescent Will Win Over the Cross of the West”,
    ”Church Conquered: Another Symbolic Victory for Islam in the United Kingdom”,
    “Colonized Belgium: Yemeni YouTuber Visits Brussels and Discovers it Has Become a Muslim Country”,
    “Imported Oppression: The Dark side of Hijab Enforcement in Western Nations”, ”Islamization of France: The Prophetic Warnings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre”,
    ”Christians: The Victims That Must Never Be Named”,
    ”Without Firing a Shot: How Islam Overcame the West.”

    • I’m afraid that you are operating under completely incorrect assumptions. ‘Futurism’ as you call it, was the standard view of eschatology from the first century onward. It was the Roman Catholic Church that introduced Preterism AND the false theory of the Pretrib Rapture. You have defended Roman Catholicism quite strongly in the past, so I do not expect you to accept what I just said.

      Nevertheless, The Roman Catholic Church is clearly in alliance with Satan and has proven this constantly with the rivers of Christian blood that she has shed for all of her history.

      You need to repent of your support for the Great Whore, Darlene.

      – John

  3. Hi brother John. I don’t want to sound discouraged, because I know that God is teaching, but I just want to bring this up.

    Seeing how evil mainstream companies like Disney, Target, Ford, et cetera, have become, I wanted to let you know that my family has accounts for Disney+ and Netflix, and my brother and sister, along with my mother, have TikTok on their phones.
    I’m coming across as discouraged because even though I want to tell them about how we should boycott these companies and stuff, they probably wouldn’t listen. Even if I just attempted to warn, they probably wouldn’t listen, and keep right on going.
    Last thing I bought at Target was a pair of earbuds for after the current ones I use go out.
    I am horrified by all the stuff China and these companies promote. I find it funny and hypocritical that, when Disney makes their modern movies now, they have to take out a sinful kiss to appease the Chinese and probably Middle Easterners as well, and these are people Disney says are wonderful, or something like that; I don’t know, I don’t wanna go to another Disney movie again. I have quite a few of them in a collection I have, and if I wanted to buy one, I’d probably just go to eBay or my local vintage store that we’ve got here. None of that is important, though; what is important is how stupid we’ve all become following this foolish garbage. You are correct – because we are sheep, we are stupid, and we need a Savior. I’ve already warned my family to repent, and now I leave it up to their hearts to do so.
    I’m sorry for coming off as so discouraged, but, and I’m not trying to blaspheme, God damn this country. If our voices could be louder, and I will certainly try to be virtually and out in the world, then none of this would be happening. Education might actually be fun and moral, and movies… well, never mind them.

    I will continue to do the best I can to warn people of what is coming. I thank God that even in dark times like these, He will make us lights in the world to help all and preach the Gospel to all, along with warning our fellow Christians and neighbors of what is to come, which is what I’m trying to do with something I like to call “Warn One Church a Day”. It’s where I try to find a church on YouTube – I’ve been mainly doing UMC ones and LCMS ones at the moment – and I’ve warned them to repent. Glory be to God.

    God Bless you in Taiwan from your brother in the U.S.

    Yours in Christ,

    • Hi Chuck,

      I completely understand, and it is very easy to get discouraged over all this. I certainly do.

      However, there is a positive side to all this. It’s complete and utterly convincing proof that God is real. Think that through for a moment.

      The utter madness of our current situation shows that sin and Satan are absolutely real. It shows that the wisdom of God is vastly – no, ETERNALLY – superior to what mankind has ‘created’. They don’t even know that the reason why science advanced so quickly in Europe was completely due to Christians believing in an orderly universe created by God.

      But… that is cold comfort when people that you care about don’t get it. And, I’m afraid that it will take an ‘act of God’ for them to wake up. Worse, the more that you press the issue, the more that they will reject what you are saying. Very, very frustrating.

      So, do all things in love. Be forgiving of those who refuse to listen. This is hard when you have strong convictions, but I can tell you that honey is more convincing than vinegar. Here’s what Paul said, that I constantly try to remind myself to be:

      22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

      23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

      Galatians 5:22-23
      King James Version

      That is so hard, but you will win over more friends and family (and everyone else) if you apply this.

      Also, if you can develop a sense of humor about the insanity surrounding us, that would be great. Think of it as a ‘taste for the ridiculous’. The poor fools who promote all this sin are so visibly absurd and bizarre, that sometimes the best response is to laugh.

      Which is why I hand out bananas on Twitter. I’m laughing at them, with a banana – because it’s the only way that I can stay sane while reading about the grotesque buffoonery being cooked up behind closed doors. They thought it was a great idea, but they’re monkeys, so they get a banana.

      Oh, and by the way, you and I aren’t all that much better. But for the grace of God, we’d be caught also.

      As Paul also says, “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” (Romans 12:18) I’m not a shining example of that, but I’m getting better.

      Keep up the good work, Chuck. A crown awaits for all who persevere.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little
      Revelation Six

  4. I just saw your retweet of Uri Kurlianchik’s (never heard of him until now) commentary on Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

    My dad – who is not a Pink Floyd fan at all, and neither am I – always said that David Gilmour was better than Roger Waters. Some weeks ago, I eventually told him about what Roger Waters really was – something he didn’t know about until I told him.

    • What I was referring to was the active persecution of the Jews as a form of government policy. Compared to the rest of Europe, those four countries stand out. Having said that, the above link is an example of something the Swiss need to be ashamed of – and to their credit, are ashamed. – JL

      PS. As a matter of historical record, the Swiss did shelter the Waldenses who were being mass murdered by the Roman Catholic Church.


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