The Red Horse Prepares To Ride

On Friday, I received news that I was hoping not to hear. At least, not for this year or any number of years after that. This news will take peace from the Earth, and that phrase should be familiar to you since that is the job of:

The Red Horse

And, the news that I was so reluctant to hear?

Saudi Arabia has hit its maximum oil production level at 12 million barrels a day.

You might not think that this is such a big problem, but you’ll understand why it’s big – when we’re finished talking about it.


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The Red Horse Prepares To Ride

I was hoping to continue the series that I started last week, and talk about the image of Daniel 2. That vision is still active today, and it deserves some serious thought and reflection. But, when someone comes along that points to a direct threat to your future safety, I have to put plans on hold and explain something that you may or may not know.

As oil production declines, so will our civilization. And unfortunately, civilization declines far more rapidly than it rises. We actually have a name for that, Seneca’s Cliff. But, there’s a bit of back story to go through first.

The Good Old Days

I still remember how stupid we all were in the ’80s and ’90s. How confident of the future. How good it was to be young, vigorous and part of a system that seemed to be unstoppable. I knew that the foundations were utterly corrupt, but everything was just so BIG. So enormous, that collapse just didn’t seem possible. And, absolutely no one ever uttered that word.


You just didn’t talk about stuff like that. America was the neverending empire of the sun. Nothing could stop what we were. What we would be. We had big dreams and even bigger opportunities. We told ourselves that there were no limits to our future, if we could only dream big enough.

We were the America of Norman Rockwell and Neil Armstrong. We had American values and American ideals. When the mad Kaiser and the evil Nazis threatened Europe, we stopped ’em. When Imperial Japan raped and murdered its way across East Asia, we stopped ’em. When communism threatened the world, we stopped ’em. When the Arabs tried to destroy Israel, we told ’em that they couldn’t.

We were great because we were good.

But, that wasn’t completely true.

Yes, we did become great and there was goodness in us. Eisenhower put ‘In God We Trust’ on our money. We gave honor to God in our pledge of allegiance. We fought and died to end slavery. And, across America, we learned to read, so that we could read the Bible. In some ways, we really were as great and as good as we thought that we were. But, the shine of the American Imperium distracted us from the rot within.

In our arrogance, we forgot what made us great. And, in that arrogance, we slowly but surely stopped being good.

But hey, we were still the shining city on a hill, right? RIGHT?

Yeah. Right.

We let the foundations rot away, even as we paved the roof in gold. And, it’s something that we humans have done throughout all of history. And no one wants to talk about it.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Two thousand years ago, Lucius Annaeus Seneca talked about it, which might be why Nero killed him. When you speak truth too close to power, power rarely lets you live.

What was it that Seneca said?

Esset aliquod inbecillitates nostrae solacium rerumque nostrarum si tam tarde perirent cuncta quam fiunt: nunc incrementa lente exeunt, festinatur in damnum.

 – Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium

Basically, that means:

It would be great if we collapsed as slowly as we grew.

A more literal translation is:

It would be some consolation for our selves and our failings as slowly die out if all that happens, now advances as they come in damage.

…That’s the Google Translation. Mine is better.

Seneca Knew Paul

I find it interesting that Seneca knew Paul the Apostle pretty well. Paul talked to everyone in ‘Caesar’s Household’. So, there was literally no way that Seneca could have avoided Paul, even if he wanted to. Tradition even says that Paul and Seneca wrote quite a few letters to each other and had a very cordial relationship. But, who knows if that is true.

Was Seneca a Christian?

Nope. Sorry. Don’t go there. Just because he knew Paul and liked him, doesn’t mean that he believed in God. Just because he believed in morality, doesn’t mean that he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. But, there’s one thing that Seneca did know:

Civilization falls apart, faster than it comes together.

He talked about that, when he was much older, while he was an advisor to Nero – at least, in his letters to his friend Luciliam. And, it was his ability to see the corruption festering at the heart of the Roman Empire that probably led to Nero having him killed. Of course, killing people was something that Nero did. But, I’ve gotten off of the topic.

I’m talking about Seneca because someone coined a term:

The Seneca Cliff

That was Ugo Bardi. He then wrote a book called The Seneca Effect and even mentioned The Seneca Trap. He’s a smart guy. But, we don’t care about how smart he is or who he works for. The important point is the one observation that we must all remember.

We grow slowly and then die quickly.

Those are my words, not his. But, it’s a universal law. In literally every living structure, the system grows slowly, hits a limit and then dies quickly – if left on its own. And, all of that has everything to do with Adam eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Before Adam’s sin, a different system prevailed. I don’t know what it was. No one does. But, it certainly was not one of slow growth, followed by quick death. But there I go again, getting off the topic, so let’s get to the point. And, the point isn’t about Seneca.

It’s about how our current civilization will die… and oil.

Back To Oil

Most of you are old enough to remember the Bill Clinton campaign slogan:

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

It worked, because the economy is everything. Without the ability to create and transport food and manufactured items, our civilization cannot survive. Alfred Henry Lewis said much the same thing:

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy”

When an economy collapses, violence begins. And the bedrock of our economy is oil. You can’t plow/plant/harvest without it. You can’t transport food without it. You can’t pay for it, if you don’t get to your job.

Without oil, civilization will tear itself apart in an orgy of violence.

Why violence?

Because that is what people do, when they’ve been taught grievance and hate. It’s also what people do to governments when their kids are hungry and have nothing to feed them with. Whoever gets blamed, gets killed.

Remember what happened in Egypt?

In 2010, Egypt was being forced to eliminate all subsidies on food and energy. For millions of Egyptians, this meant being unable to eat. It meant stunted growth and stunted development for their children. As the simmering resentment reached boiling point, the government reacted with repression, sending out the police to beat up protestors.

By the time January rolled around, the Egyptians had had enough. So on January 25th, those with nothing to lose… lost it. And that’s how the latest Egyptian revolution began in 2011.

It wasn’t about democracy.

It was about food.

So, as the amount of transportation fuel declines, the cost of food will go up. The cost of EVERYTHING will go up. And, it will hit the Third World countries that must import food the hardest, like the ones listed in this article:

Countries Most Dependent On Others For Food

The violence will begin there.

But, what happens in Europe and North America, when people lose their jobs because companies can’t pay for them?

What happens when poor people in our own countries can’t afford to buy food for their kids? For themselves?

What happens when vital products disappear from store shelves because companies can’t afford to produce them at the price that we are willing to pay?

When transportation costs go up, products disappear. First, they go up in price, and then when no one can afford them, they stop being produced.

“But wait,” you say. “This happened in 2005, and we found alternatives.” And you would be correct in saying that. But, those ‘alternatives’ were less efficient and more costly. And, we were very, very lucky that a handful of people in the US were able to innovate and get the cost down.

Do you want to roll that dice again?

Do you want to bet that we will find more innovations to keep the system going?

Remember that one of those alternatives is nuclear energy, and it has been sabotaged by nihilistic midwits in our governments. The only ones who haven’t sabotaged their nuclear industry are countries like France. But, when you need France as an example, you KNOW that you are in trouble.

Here’s one of the best descriptions of the problem that I’ve seen recently:

Energy Transition Crisis

Ignore what he says about ‘Climate Change’. He’s trying to get the Left to see the problem, not just people like you and me. This isn’t about Global Warming, it’s about the fall of civilization, and he knows it. But, many people find it hard to believe that a civilization can fall when it runs out of energy.

Here’s a shorter, more punchy video that hits really hard, all by itself:

There’s No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)

We have the most complex civilization in history. And, it was able to get this complex because of oil. So, as oil declines, we will need to become less complex.

Here’s a great little graphic that I’ve been dying to use for a long time, because it shows what happens when prosperity declines:

In that graphic, Charles Hugh Smith was talking about how government organizations and big businesses collapse in the ‘normal’ way. The same holds true for a civilization. In the above graphic think of the ‘blue’ as the Third World and the ‘red’ as those with enough guns to grab what they want and keep it.

What happens when you get to the failure/implosion stage?

The people with the guns kill each other over what’s left.

I would call THAT, the Ride of the Red Horse.

The Red Horse

I’ve talked about the Ride of the Red Horse before, and you can find it here:

A Biblical Overview Of Revelation

Pretty much every war that we’ve fought since the beginning of the 20th century has been over oil, or the protection of oil tankers transporting that oil. Even the Vietnam War had that as part of the reason for that conflict, since Vietnam sat on vital shipping lanes. And yes, because it has oil, the invasion of Ukraine was part of the reason why it was invaded by Russia.

Now, would ANY of the violence brought by the Red Horse be possible without the invention of gunpowder and then steam engines?


So, if you want to make a case for the Ride of the Red Horse beginning three hundred years ago, you have a pretty solid case for that. After all, without gunpowder, the American Revolution would not have been possible. Without gunpowder the French Revolution would have never happened.

Before gunpowder, we were forced to stick each other with sharp objects or throw rocks.

Once we discovered gunpowder and then found a way to power our ships with coal-fired steam, Europe and the United States went on to crush every other empire and kingdom on Earth. And yes, it was gunpowder and steam-powered trains that created the Russian Empire.

NOTE: Yes, I know that gunpowder was discovered something like a thousand years ago, but the use of gunpowder for long range warfare was impossible until we discovered how to make metal alloys strong enough to be any good. A cannon isn’t very useful if it blows up on you every time you try to fire it. And, when we discovered that rifling would extend range and accuracy, warfare became even bloodier.

You could also say that gunpowder and steam made the world a safer place. Few pirates had steam-powered ships. And, a few policemen with guns could keep the peace a lot more easily than before.

The thing is, that we’ve never had eight billion people on a planet with this many guns. And when they start getting hungry, they’re going to use those guns to feed themselves and their children, and kill you if you try to stop them.

Time And Stupidity

The issue is time and stupidity. If we had governments that were competent and encouraged alternatives like nuclear power… If we had enough oil reserves around the world to keep up with demand while we try to find other solutions to our energy problem… we might be able to avoid – or at least hold off – the Ride of the Red Horse.

Yes, I know that some like to say that governments are doing this on purpose. And, I understand why you would want to say that. No one likes to believe that governments are run by people with a room temperature IQs. But, I’ve spent time watching and even working for different governments, and they aren’t run by people who are very intelligent. And yes, I have stories to tell about how stupid big governments and big businesses are.

No, really. They are that stupid.

The only smart parts of our governments are the ones involved in organized crime and drug running. And yes, there are three letter agencies with rather quiet groups inside of them that are running drugs and have connections to organized crime. And no, it’s not just the US. Most of the people working in the agencies that these groups operate from, have no idea what’s happening. And yes, I have friends in these agencies who are clueless about the drug running.

Oh, and all those NWO/WEF/Bilderberg/Davos/Luciferians/Flat Earth conspiracy theories?

Pure smoke screen.

When you are pulling in a trillion dollars a year in drug profits, you can afford to spend lots of that money on distracting people from what is really happening. One part of the reason why I shut down Omega Shock, was the realization that drug money was running the Conspiracy Theory Industry. And, I was getting tired of fighting it. That, and I also realized that I needed to pay attention to what God was doing, and not what Satan was up to.

Just remember that drug money is fueling the Conspiracy Theory Industry.

Back To Saudi Oil

We do not know when Saudi oil production will begin to decline. They might be able to produce 12 million barrels a day for a few more years, but this is yet another warning sign that there is very, very serious trouble ahead for our civilization. There are many more oil producers in the world with the same problem, but are being quiet about it. And, if you read my overview of Revelation, you’ll understand that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are sent out by God to crush our civilization. And then, when Seal Six is opened, what’s left will be completely destroyed.

Only after the Scroll has been freed of the Seven Seals that bind it, will the Antichrist arrive on the scene, to revive what was destroyed. Think of the Antichrist as the guy who will turn the lights back on, and he will do it for the low low price of your worship of him.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
שאלו שלום ירושלים


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you… Hosea 4:6


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