Why Israel?

Why do most Christians never ask the question?

Yes, I know that there are many, many Christians who love the Land of Israel and her people. It’s wonderful to see. But, few seem to step back and ask why.

Now, you aren’t a bad Christian if you don’t ask such questions, but there is a depth of meaning here that many of us forget, as we go about our lives seeking to serve God.

So, let’s ask the question:

Why Israel?

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Missing The Bigger Picture

We have become so intent on anticipating one tiny corner of the Last Days – the coming of the Antichrist – that we’ve missed the biggest part of End Times Prophecy. Yes, the Antichrist is one scary dude, and no one wants to be caught by his arrival. But, he’s only a small part of what’s happening.

More importantly, we’ve forgotten that Satan isn’t the one orchestrating the events that we see coming toward us. God is doing that. And, the single biggest topic about the Last Days is this one:

The Redemption of Israel

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The Trouble With Jacob’s Trouble

Have you ever seen someone try to fit a mattress into a Honda Civic?

Right. It can’t be done.

Unfortunately, we do the same thing in our beliefs about the Last Days. We take one of the biggest topics written about by the prophets and try to stick it into the Honda Civic of Eschatology – the tiny sliver of time that we call the Great Tribulation.

What is that huge topic spoken of by the prophets?

The Redemption of Israel.

That is a truly gigantic mattress to try and fit inside such a tiny car.

So, maybe we shouldn’t.

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