Daniel 9 – A Biblical Overview of Daniel, Part 7

Daniel 9 is maybe the most important chapter in the Bible, for it lays down the timing of the coming of our Lord and Savior – and His sacrifice upon the Cross. And maybe that is why it is one of the most fought-over passages.

Part of the problem lies in bad translations and a poor command of Hebrew. Another comes from well-meaning pronouncements by good brothers in Christ that were in error, mistakes that would be used by others to create even greater errors.

The vast majority of these errors were honest attempts at the truth. So, let’s make an honest attempt at getting Daniel 9 right.

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Daniel 8 – A Biblical Overview of Daniel, Part 6

In both Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, we saw visions that included Last Days events. In fact, we seem to be moving from the ‘big picture’ view, to something more detailed. For instance, we didn’t see the Antichrist in Daniel 2, but we saw him in chapter 7.

Will we see the Antichrist in Daniel 8?

I believe so, but there are three main theories for this vision, and we will look all three of them and try to find the one position to safely stand on. (Hint: I’m sticking with Gabriel.)

So, let’s take a hard look at Daniel 8 and find out.

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The Red Horse Prepares To Ride

On Friday, I received news that I was hoping not to hear. At least, not for this year or any number of years after that. This news will take peace from the Earth, and that phrase should be familiar to you since that is the job of:

The Red Horse

And, the news that I was so reluctant to hear?

Saudi Arabia has hit its maximum oil production level at 12 million barrels a day.

You might not think that this is such a big problem, but you’ll understand why it’s big – when we’re finished talking about it.

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