…to the Last Days.

The events of Revelation 6 are beginning, and the ride of the Four Horsemen will bring great suffering and chaos to our world. And then… it will get worse.

I’ve been charting our course towards Apocalypse for more than two decades, and I have never seen such danger as we are seeing right now. And very few are talking about what’s coming.

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For those who want a deeper look at what’s coming, I have two books that will show where our world is headed:

When Gog Comes

Ezekiel’s Fire

Lord willing, other books will be coming, but there’s one that everyone should be reading, every day:

The One Year Bible

Bible Gateway

Whichever way that you like to read The Bible, in whatever translation you desire…

…you need to read it. All of it. Over and over. Every day.

There’s no hope for us, if we aren’t applying the precious words of God to our lives. God is everying, and He is the author of what is coming. And, we cannot expect our Lord to preserve us, if we are not committed to Him.

Eternity lies before us. But first, we must run our race.