Dengue Fever In My Neighborhood And A Prayer Request

Hey Everyone,

I live in the middle of the hottest hot spot for mosquito-borne diseases in Taiwan – Tainan. There’s always someone, somewhere in Tainan that is coming down with Dengue Fever, Malaria or Japanese Encephalitis. It’s a thing. And when one or more cases show up in your neighborhood, the Taiwanese government goes in and sprays everything in each house in the area to kill off any and all mosquitoes.

So, guess what just happened in our neighborhood?

Right. Dengue Fever.

That means the government will be spraying everything in our house with a pyrethroid agent. And, if any of you who knows how… um …third world the Taiwanese government can be, you cannot trust that they will be professional about all this. They might use a solution that is extra toxic. They might not. You never know.

And, we have a cat.

Cho Pi, CFO (Chief Feline Officer)
Little Family Household

Pyrethroid agents are toxic to cats. And, since we like our CFO, we need to get even more ready for our little fur-beast to stay un-toxified. Whatever the case, we have work to do (with or without the cat). But, I don’t want to leave you without a view of what’s going on in Israel and a prayer request from the Body of Christ in Jerusalem.

Prayer Request For The Body of Christ In Israel

Here’s the pastor of the church that I call home, Meno Kalisher – speaking about what Jerusalem Assembly is doing to help Israelis in need, supporting families with sons and fathers called up to military duty and for displaced families and even churches. (His own son is serving in the Golani Brigade.)

Pastor Meno Kalisher – Jerusalem Assembly

Please pray for our brothers and sisters who are in harm’s way in this struggle, that they might return home safe and sound. Pray for the churches in Israel as they continue to serve the Lord and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May God bring peace, mercy, repentance and salvation to Israel and even her enemies.

May the Lord God of Heaven and Earth bless all of you in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

John Little
Revelation Six

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
שאלו שלום ירושלים


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you… Hosea 4:6


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