A Biblical Overview of Daniel – Part 5

Daniel 7 is a vital chapter that confirms what was said in Daniel 2, as well as adding to our understanding of Revelation. Without this passage, we would be harder to see what God is telling us about the Last Days. And, in case you are wondering…

Yes, we are living – right now – during the time of the Fourth Beast.

When we are done, hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of what this beast is, both now and in the future. And, we really want a better understanding of our future.

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Good Eschatology, Part 2 – Resolving A Paradox

We ended last week’s discussion of Good Eschatology with a conundrum. A paradox. Isaiah 65:19-24 clearly fits with Zechariah 14 and Revelation 20.

The problem comes when we look at Isaiah 65:17 which appears to talk about what happens in Revelation 21, and not Revelation 20.

Does this throw out everything that we said about the Millennium?

No, of course not.

However, it does offer us a challenge. And, if we don’t stumble at this challenge – as some have – we will come away with more understanding than we did before. Remember that the Bible was specifically written so that those who rebel, will stumble and fall, while those who submit to God will obtain knowledge.

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